Friday, April 07, 2006

Seth's Sheets

I've been meaning to post this for weeks and I keep forgetting. Seth probably won't be too impressed that I'm telling the world about this...well...maybe he will be. He's pretty proud of them :)

What am I talking about? My brother Seth was at SuperStore a few weeks ago and he bought sheets. It wouldn't be a big deal or even blog worthy but he bought red sheets. And a black duvet cover. And they're SATIN!!! :D My mother just about died from laughter when he told her. She was like "Seth! Don't you know that there's a bit of a reputation that comes with RED SATIN SHEETS???"

Like I said, he is proud of them. He loves the feel of satin and his defense is "red and black are my favourite colours!"

Oh and little Mr. Resourceful? He doesn't use a top sheet so instead of letting it languish in un-use, he draped it on top of the box spring and is using it as a bedskirt! I haven't seen it yet but apparently it looks pretty good.

Robert (the middle brother) just shakes his head whenever we bring it up :)



Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - but will they get washed often?? ;)

Emmy said...

that is so funny! But why not if you are going to get satin? :)

I have satin sheets on my list of items for when I redecorate my bedroom ... gotta live up this single life :)