Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Veronica, I forgot to tell you this.

After Dad, Mom, Aaron and I walked through CANstruction we decided to stop for coffee. Dad wanted to go to a local coffee shop at Canada Place, Aaron and I said "Go ahead, we're going to Starbucks" (I mean really, who supports local business anymore? LOL) So all four of us went to Starbucks.

Aaron ordered a White Chocolate Mocha. I told him that it was one of your favourite drinks. He promptly declared "Then I really like her" :D So there, if Ian or was it Aidan? Anyways, when they get over you, I've got a little brother waiting to join your fan club ;)


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Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - so this blog is all about me now? Cool!!! :D

It was Aidan....so it seems the A's have it ;)

Hmmm....now I want a white chocolate mocha.....