Thursday, April 06, 2006


Yesterday was an absolutely glorious spring day. The sun was shining, there was just a bit of a breeze and the air smelled SO good! Fresh cut grass and springtime flowers all combined into a lovely perfume.

Our new house is about 3 kms (2 miles) from the church we attend. We have a regular Wednesday service and last night I convinced Mom to walk there with me. It was wonderful. We set a pretty brisk pace but nothing that made us break a sweat. It took us about 40 minutes and I felt better and slept better last night then I have in weeks. Dad came in the van so we caught a ride home. I could make this a regular event though.

After the service I remembered to have my pastor sign my passport photo. (It has to be witnessed by a recognized guarantor). Now all I have to do is fill out the application and take a drive into the passport office! I’m getting there, slowly :)

Have a great day!



Emmy said...

You are further on the passport thing than I am, I have thought about printing the application but not done so yet. Good job!

Veronica in Aus said...

Sounds about right. You are getting warmer weather...and we are getting colder weather. It is ICY here - there was even snow in the Alps (not where I live though - my mountain isn't tall enough).

Enjoy that spring weather....winter is hitting here...a little early (though it could just as easily warm up again).

Woohooo re: the passport. You know, we can just take our passport application to the Post Office - don't have to go to the passport office.

Kaesmom said...

Ok Heidi, I'm confused - you don't have a passport? Really? Is Canada changing the rules like the US is? Currently we don't need one to get into Canada or Mexico, but after the end of this year, we will need one.

agent713 said...

Yes Patti that's exactly right. Currently you don't NEED a passport to get into the States but its easier. In a few years they are saying that they will require it though. And no, I don't have a passport yet. It was always a money and time issue and so far I haven't actually needed one.