Thursday, April 13, 2006

Remote Blogging

11:43 am
Hmph. Someone knows that I’m not working and has pulled the plug on my internet connection. I suppose I should actually try and accomplish something in the next 17 minutes before I go for lunch…

1:52 pm
Still no internet. I’ve gone for lunch and I’ve drafted a set of minutes from this mornings conference call. I should review them. I think I’ll read a meeting planners magazine instead.

2:31 pm
I just finished reading one the magazine. Now I want to go to Hawaii. I’ll have to be content with sucking on pineapple flavoured candies and spinning in my chair. ::wacko::

2:54 pm
The silence is driving me nuts. My internet is down which means I don’t have any radio. I *could* go down and get a cd but I’ll be out of here in an hour and a half anyways. Back to reviewing minutes.

3:09 pm
I’m making headway. Going nuts but making headway.

3:31 pm
Minutes are finished and emailed. I’m off to have some leftover birthday cake. Apparently my internet connection may be restored if I reboot. I will try that while getting my cake.

3:41 pm
Woohoo! My internet is back. Now I can post this :)


Emmy said...

Hate when I don't have internet at work ... and yeah Hawaii is awesome ... we should go :)

Janis said...

Rebooting works about 90% of the time! (That was always my answer when anyone called for help.)

agent713 said...

Di, you're on :)

Janis, I'm not sure why I didn't think of it myself. Just lazy I guess.

Janis said...

I know, rebooting is alot of work!

Mel said...

Funny, funny!
I would hate to lose internet connection! Aaahhh!!


Veronica in Aus said...

LOL - good blog entry :)