Monday, April 10, 2006

Business Cards

My new business cards came in. I’m official now! I’ve developed a bit of a tradition. The first card that I hand out always goes to my mom :) Friday night I handed it too her. After the requisite oohing and aahing, she asked “Don’t you have a direct line? Do I always have to go through that other girl?” “Yes Mom, I’ve moved up in the world. I am no longer the receptionist and I now have the option of screening my calls.” :D Of course my success is just an annoyance to her. ::rolleyes::



Veronica in Aus said...

What - you don't get a direct line?? I do....and I only give it to people I know I'll want to talk to (the rest get the main number and have to go through the receptionist)

Emmy said...

Your mom sounds like mine! She always gets the first business card out of the box too and she tucks them away in my baby book lol
You know you're movin on up when you have someone pre-screen your calls instead of you doing the screening for others :)
I have a direct line but I have caller ID so I can screen that way.

Mel said...

Lucky. I have yet to have a job give me real business cards (though I have them through Creative Memories and
And it is nice having a receptionist. We had one at my first job.