Sunday, March 12, 2006


We (Mom, Dad, Aaron and I) just got back from "CANstruction" at the cruise ship terminal at Canada Place in Vancouver.

From their website:
Canstruction Vancouver showcases the considerable talent and generosity of our creative communities in the fight against hunger. Now in its 4th year, this international design/build competition, which benefits local food banks, brings together teams of architects, engineers, graphic artists and students to build amazing sculptures using only canned food and other non-perishables.

Our favourites?

(Johnny) Cash for Cans


Pirates of the CANibbean


Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi,
I love reading your bloggs. It makes me feel like I'm there. I love that you talked about our trip to 100 Mile! I can't beleive it's been snowing so much there. I miss the snow! It was 32 degrees here today. What is the application that you mentioned with regards to your passport photo? Love you much! Mere

Christy said...

Hi Heidi- love the pics of the cantastic thing. My son's comment? Mommy, who gets to break those things?

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Too cool, Ian likes the monster truck, but he never hear of that one... he didn't understand that it was like a play on words. Do all those cans go to a food bank or something like that?

Veronica in Aus said...

Love the Can sculptures - what a funny idea :)

Ehem - what's this about the passport application? I mean you do know that you need one to come to Australia, right? :P

agent713 said...

Passport application - the paper work that I would actually have to submit. I figure there's no point in even dreaming about travelling if I don't have a passport...and's just a dream at this point. I'm hoping that having my picture taken will inspire me to find and submit the paperwork.

Cans - Good question Christy. That would be fun! Except a lot of them are taped together so it's not like they can just topple :P

Pamlea, yes, this is a fundraiser (or is that foodraiser :P) for the foodbank. According to their website: "Since the inaugural event in 2003, Canstruction Vancouver has raised more than 355,000 cans of food for Food Bank shelves" Pretty darn good!!!