Friday, March 03, 2006

Welcome Janis!

One of the newest members of blog land is my friend Janis. She is living in Cyprus right now with her husband and three kids. I am house sitting for them while they're gone. Check out her blog and the pictures of her adorable children :)
PS I've been cleaning out the favourites on my work computer and transferring them here. I get daily updates on over thirty blogs daily via feedblitz and most of them are listed to the right. If your blog is NOT listed and you would like it to be, just let me know!


tosin said...

::scanning your list of links...::

...ummm.... do you like country music???



agent713 said...

No. Why would you ask that???


Martha said...

Go ahead and list my blog, if you would. I like coffee, I like country music (you had few choices at the University of Wyoming) and I guess I'm in search of a career now that I've applied for a new job! And of course, we're both SSers...and so I think we've got a fair amount in common!

Martha C. in CO....anxiously waiting for you to start kissing and telling~! :)

Janis said...

Now I have to keep updating my blog! Oh no. Maybe I should actually try writing some things on there as well.....

Christy said...

Hey Heidi,
Congrats again on your new job. Can you link my blog please? I'll link you as soon as I figure out the link thing!

SS momtomaxandaaron