Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Spoon Jar

I have many, many special memories of my paternal grandparents. I need to scrapbook them but for now I'll blog about them :) One is the spoon jar.

My grandparents had six kids, Dad was the second youngest. With that many kids there was always a shortage of tea spoons. At some point my grandmother started a spoon jar. Every time she went to a garage sale, she'd purchase all the tea spoons they had least that was the story I was told.

Last night my dad was sharing that a lot of the spoons had "108" on the handle. He said that as a kid he never understood why that was there. He asked mutliple times but he always got shushed. When he got older he finally clued into the fact that the number for the legion where his parents played bingo was Legion #108!!! Guess they didn't "purchase" ALL the spoons!



Veronica in Aus said...

My Mum has a spoon jar - mostly decorative "souvenir" spoons from her travels....there are some really pretty ones in there (One has a beer stein on the end, another a cuckoo clock - with working pendulum and chain). All of them were purchased though ;)

Emmy said...

that is no fun! I admit to having some silverware from a restaurant ... and I have a glass or two lol