Thursday, March 09, 2006

Faith Hill: Fireflies

As you know I am not a Faith Hill fan. I'm not a female artist fan in general and a cross over artist fan even less. That said, I picked up Faith Hill's new "Fireflies" album from the library the other day. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Track by track?

01. Sunshine & Summertime
Fun song. Funky groove. Reminds me of "Barbie Girl" by Aqua for some reason. :P

02. Mississippi Girl
This was recorded on my 23rd birthday. Aren't you glad you know that? :) I like this song because it was written specifically for Faith by John Rich of Big & Rich after B&R toured with Tim McGraw. It's a good come back song for Faith even if is has been extemely over played on the radio. Oh, and it's got a kickin' intro.

03. Dearly Beloved
This is hands down my favourite song on the record. Great music and hilarious lyrics. Unfortunately, it is all too true. Here's the first verse:
Good morning, dearly beloved
we are gathered here today
to watch two people we know
make a big mistake.
They’ll stand up at the altar
and solemnly swear; “I do”
They’ll be together forever
’till they find somebody new.

04. Ain't Gonna Take It
Faith usually includes a "you're a jerk and I'm finally leaving" song and this is that. Good tune. Hopefully I'll never be in a situation where I identify with the lyrics.

05. Stealing Kisses
Another quitessential Faith song. Doesn't really offer any solutions, just comments on someones unfulfilled life.

06. Fireflies
Before I comment on this song I'd just like to point out that I have never actually seen a firefly. Can you believe that? They must be a Southern thing. I've seen them in movies and I know what they represent but I never caught any as a kid or anything. Weird huh? That said, for those of you that HAVE caught fireflies and for anyone that dreams, you'll love this song :)

07. Like We Never Loved At All
I'm a fan of Tim/Faith duets. I'd be happy with them doing a whole CD of them. Love the video for this song, and when I'm in the mood, I love it.

08. I Want You
This is a beautiful song. Almost a lullaby. It has the same sound as a song that I sang in the opening ceremonies for the BC Disability Games. That song was written by Cheif Dan George. There's a native drumbeat that makes this one sound really earthy. Reminds me of Pochaontas too. I like it!

09. Lucky One
This is the new single and the song that she sang with Keith Urban at the Grammy's. I can't help but laugh at the second verse:
...twenty-seven and I thought I’d
be further along
than just this rented space.
I got no papers to read
I got no cable TV
and I got no places to be
I got no people to meet

While I do have places to go and people to meet, when I'm house sitting I don't have papers or cable TV :D

10. If You Ask
A forgetable song. Not good enough to listen closely to and not annoying enough to skip over.

11. We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove
This is a rah-rah America song :D It's fun if you don't mind the extreme patrotic over tones LOL It will probably get stuck in your head. Watch for "We've got nothing but love to prove" to be Faith's motto in the future.

12. You Stay With Me
Another forgetable song. It does a pretty good job of showcasing her voice but nothing else jumps out at me.

13. Wish For You
This one REALLY sounds like a lullaby. Can you tell she's a mother? Very pretty. Very soft. Good intro to the next song.

14. Paris
I don't know if this is considered a bonus track or not. None the less, it's a nice song. Very soft. I like the violins at the end. The image of "Stealing the Mona Lisa, tearing it up in little pieces and laying them at your feet" is disturbing though...that and the way she rhymes "LisHa and pieces". Also, I'm not sure WHY she can't give you Paris. Never quite explains that :P

Over all, it's a good cd. Still very "Faith" but better then I expected.



Emmy said...

*heehee* I KNEW you would like it! Didn't I tell ya :)
Dearly Beloved is my absolute favorite. I just smile every time I hear it. Fireflies... I already have an album theme planned for that song. When you come to MI we have fireflies, we'll catch some ;)(I don't remember ever seeing any when I grew in WA either if that helps twin)
Very proud of you for listening to it. I made Dawnn listen to my copy of it today. Remind me to tell you about my album plan for Fireflies too. Or I'll post it on my blog.

Mel said...

I would so buy a CD of just Tim and Faith duets... like I have told you before, their latest video just gives me chills to watch, it is so powerful.

Emmy said...

Speaking of Tim and Faith duets ... I would too. They have a station on AOL Radio right now of just Tim and Faith, it's great! And I found out they are coming to see me May 7th. Now to find the money....

Mel said...

I so wish I had the money... darn bills!!! I think they are here May too.