Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cleaning Up

I finally finished my final report and I've spent the afternoon cleaning up and cleaning out. Lots of shredding, lots of deleting electronic files. It's kind of sad. I mean I've put the last fifteen months of my life into this place and now *poof* everythings gone. Granted we did good work, helped a lot of people and stuff but there really isn't a lasting legacy from a one year project. It's weird to think that no body cares about all the files I've accumulated and that I have to just get rid of it. When I left my last job, someone else was coming in. With this one, I'm leaving three files in my desk. The phone system, security system, and an inventory list. Whoopee. Weird. Very weird.

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Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

When the contracting job I had a few years back ended, it was very short notice. Some of us knew we would be back as civil service but there was no where to put files or anything. Things just got thrown out/shredded, it was a mess. Amazing how much can be accumulated. I hated the feeling of ending it. I was still afraid at that point that I wouldn't be back.