Friday, March 31, 2006


I realize I haven't blogged about the most exciting thing that has been happening to me lately. By now you should know that I am a huge Kenny Chesney/Dierks Bentley fan. Early in the year Kenny announced his Road & the Radio tour and that he was bringing Dierks along as an opening act. The originally announced dates were all for the Eastern/mid west states. All I could do was *hope* they'd come out to the West Coast.

In March it was announced that yes, Seattle would be one of the stops. He's not big on Canadian stops so this is the most I could realistically hope for. A few weeks later it was announced that the concert would be a stadium show, taking place at Qwest Field (where the Seahawks play)! Then they confirmed that it was on Saturday, June 24th (perfect since getting time off work is sketchy with this job.)

Mid March I joined the Dierks Bentley Fan Club. I've been meaning to do it for awhile and this was good timing. This morning VIP passes through the fan club went on sale. Of course there are more then 25 fans in the North West (They release 25 pairs of tickets per show) and thanks to my unstable home computer (where I was I had logged on from) I wasn't able to secure any. It's okay though. As much as I would have *loved* to have floor seats, there are two benefits to seats in the stands. 1. They are cheaper :D 2. Two friends can come instead of just one.

Which friends? My concert buddy Jenna who has already seen Dierks with me twice (when he opened for George Strait in 2004 and last fall when I won tickets) and new country music convert, my friend Crystal who appreciates Dierks for more then just his music (as do I ;)) We are going to have a BLAST!!! The concert starts at 4:30 pm but we'll be down there way before that. Then we'll probably get a hotel room and do the touristy thing in Seattle on Sunday.

Girls weekend away with Kenny and Dierks! What more can I ask for? :D :D :D

Only 85 sleeps!!!!!!!


PS I forgot to mention, general ticket sales don't start until tomorrow. My wonderful friend Diane was kind enough to forward me the email from KMPS (Seattle radio station) with the code for pre-sale tickets. Thanks Di!


learnkennychesneyguitar said...

Hi Agent713;

Not sure if you are aware of Kenny's Road And The Radio Tour coming to the Calgary Stampede in Jul 06.

I'm a Kenny Fan from Ottawa and have concert details and much more here:

agent713 said...

Yes I saw that. Calgary is 12 hours away while Seattle is only 3. That helped make my decision.

Interesting website. I'll check it out.


Emmy said...

You are welcome twin! Is that how you got the tickets? You will have a blast and definitely great idea to stay the night and sightsee the next day!
I am kind of nipping at my fingernails right now, training out in CA for the big work project I am on is tentatively scheduled for last week of may into June ... my tickets are for Fri 6/2! Cross your fingers it won't interfere with me seeing him!!!!!!