Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy Anniversary Car!!!

The annual trip to Hemlock also marks another year since I totalled my car.
Two years ago I fliped my car, landed on the roof and walked away unharmed.
Two years ago I was without a car for the first time in a year and a half.
Two years ago I was car shopping.
Two years ago I walked back into the same dealership where I had bought my first car, told the sales guy that I needed a new one. That day I purchased one that was almost identical to the one I crashed, except it was a better colour (not white) and two years newer.

This year, my car and I are celebrating two years together. So far I've gotten it, new tires (which I should have gotten in October but chose to go to PA instead), new air filter, oil change and I've booked it for a new windsheild tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary Car!!!


PS I renewed the insurance too. Upped my liability (as recommended by ICBC), added business use insurance (as required by the new job), and reduced the "to and from work" to "under 15 kms" (since it's officially 13.8kms :D) I save about three dollars a month with the changes and my new 5% discount.

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