Friday, January 19, 2007

Review of the Review

I'm posting this simply because it stokes my own ego :D I linked my review for the Vancouver concert on Dierks' fan club message board. There are reviews posted there ALL the time. Daily when he's on tour in fact. That's why some of these comments from my "peers" really mean a lot to me. (I didn't include the generic ones like "great review, thanks for sharing" etc.)

"Great review and pics Heidi! You're a great blogger"

"Your blog was great, I enjoyed the little bit of you that you put into it, I really felt like I was there living it with you made me smile and laugh ... thanks for sharing!"

"Heidi, loved your review and loved your pics, you are too cute! Great blog, you didn't leave out any details, thanks!"

"Great blog/review Heidi. I read every word and you put such detail in that it felt like I was at that M&G and concert! ... I wish I was!"

"Great review! I liked the fact that you acknowledge Eric Church's perfomance even though you didn't know his songs. Eric's album is actually VERY GOOD and I hope this brings him more popularity."

Thank you to all my regular readers for your comments too. I can say "I blog for me" but seeing your comments really does make me smile :)


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