Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Week One (and a few days) with Internet Access from Home

So it's been just over a week since I got internet and cable hooked up at home. How am I doing?

Am I staying offline at work?
There are good days and bad days. By checking emails/blogs from home I tend to initially spend less time online but I'm still an obsessive email checker.

Have I uploaded and organized photos like I said I would?
That would be a big fat no.

Have I blogged from home instead of from work?
How about, have I blogged at ALL? You're sorely neglected. I appologize for that. I'm working on it.

Have I been able to extend my internet addiction to all my waking hours instead of just my working hours?
Yep. Is that good? Not really LOL

On to cable. I'm proud to say that while I HAVE 59 channels, I really haven't sat and watched mindless tv. I've stuck to the habit of only turning the tv on when I know a show I want to watch is on. If I'm not sure, I'll check the listing online. If I don't see something that I want to watch listed, I won't even turn the tv on. Not having a remote helps with this (have you ever tried to scroll through 59 channels when you're only an arms length away?) But over all I'm proud of myself.

Having CMT has been nice but since it's CMT Canada, they only show sitcom re-runs during prime time. (Reba, Married with Children etc). It's rather pathetic programming but it has helped me limit my tv watching as well. They also list which videos are playing when on their website so before I go to bed I can check and see if it's worth getting up for. I caught Dierks' video for "Long Trip Alone" three times that way last week!!! NOW who's pathetic :D BTW I posted about that on the fan club message board and someone called me "Obsessively Dedicated". I quite like that thankyouverymuch :)

So there you go. My "window to the world" hasn't been all that bad.


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