Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stanley Park

This is totally old news now but I want to share pictures anyways. You may or may not have heard that Stanley Park, the "jewel of Vancouver" has suffered some pretty major devestation from wind storms this winter. It's been at the top of the news for awhile and now there are major benefit concerts being planned. Sunday, January 7th Dad, Mom, Seth, Aaron and I (along with half the lower mainland) took a drive out to see for ourselves exactly how bad the damage was.

If you've never seen an uprooted tree, this picture might not make a lot of sense. Basically what you're looking at is Seth and Dad standing in front of the root system of a cedar (I think) tree that was knocked over by the wind. The picture of me, is taken from the other side. You can see how big the tree was. There are lots of big ones like this down all over the park. Lots that are snapped in half too. It's very sad.

And, as a bonus, a picture of the beautiful sunset that we were treated to over English Bay :)


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Emmy said...

Those are incredible pictures! I remember a looong time ago seeing something similar in the mountains after a bad storm. Incredible.