Friday, January 19, 2007

Talking to Myself II

Here's another reason why I'm going to quit talking to myself.

As you know we don't have cable or internet at home. When we moved in Seth hooked up the tv and it worked (up to channel 30) It worked up until just before Christmas. At that time I decided that I was okay not having cable. I could handle it. I'd get more done, get more sleep and really, did I need that stuff anyways?

With the internet I've gone through more ups and downs. First I told myself "having it at work is sufficient". Then I moved to "I NEED it at home. It's cutting into my work time". Then I looked into how much it would cost and I decided "ooookay, I'm okay with only having it at work and at Mom & Dad's. I'll just deal with it."

Monday I got home to a notice from the cable/internet company. Basic cable (up to channel 30) for $9.95 a month, expanded (up to channel 59 including CMT [for me] and the cartoon network [for Seth]) for $19.95 a month for six months.

Twenty bucks? Split by two? I can afford that!

So I called them to get details. It sounds good. No cacellation charge. No hook up charge. Alright, lets go with it. Oh, and "we have cable available for just $29.95 with the first two months free" that's still only $25 a month (each) and I'll theoretically get more done at work because I don't have to worry about checking email. In fact I can WORK at home because I can transfer files! And I don't have to go to Mom & Dad's for photo management. I called Seth, he's on board.

So, after saying for so long "I don't need cable or internet at home" and coming to peace with that decision, we're getting it. The technician is scheduled for Sunday. (Did you know they come on Sunday's?)

See what I mean about talking to myself? I'm going to stop it. It doesn't do any good anyways.


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Veronica in Aus said...

All I can say is: About. Time!

You'll love having regular internet access at'll wonder how you ever coped without it...just like I am wondering how I ever coped with dial up for so darn long ;)