Friday, January 12, 2007

Sick, again!

Now this is getting old. I was sick yesterday. Like knocked out couldn't/didn't get out of bed sick. It was awful! I was sick last week (seems like so much longer ago then that) but this was WAY worse. I had a fever Wednesday night that left me practically delusional. I forced myself to get up Thursday morning but I didn't have enough energy to get ready. I was nauseous and switching between hot flashes and cold chills and I had a splitting head ache. Not good. I called work at eight and told them I was going to sleep for a bit. Yeah. A bit. I woke up around one when Seth got up and again at 2:30 when he left for work. I finally had enough energy to get out of bed at 5:45!!! I slept the entire day and I wasn't even hungry until six. Last week I was in bed most of the day but I also read a bunch and ate regularly. Yesterday I couldn't even lift my head off the pillow. I'm back at work today. My head's a bit fuzzy yet but at least I don't feel like crying everytime I stand up.


Emmy said...

I'm sorry you are sick, twin. It's going around here too. Jim's been down for the count for about a week with it and is now finally feeling human. Tons of peeps at work have it, I'm trying hard to avoid it!
Rest up and save your energy!

Murray and Tracy said...

I am sorry to hear that you have been so sick. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care of yourself

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

So sorry to hear that you have been sick. Hope you are better soon!