Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update: January 25-31

So, what else have I been up to during my week of skimpy blogging? Let's see if I can remember.

Friday, as I posted, I got my vacation approved for my Texas trip. Sunday I booked my flight TO Texas. I'm still trying to decide where I'm flying back to. Seattle, Vancouver, Bellingham? That decision affects which airline I use and where I fly OUT of in Dallas (DFW or Love Field). Right now I'm leaning towards DFW to BLI (Bellingham) because it seems to be the most normal times of the day (the Vancouver ones come in at quarter to midnight and I have to work the next day). I've printed out all the options and I'm going to show them to my mom because either she or my dad will probably be picking me up so I need to know what works best for them.

I'm constantly learning things about myself. Last week I was reminded that I need quiet "me" time at least once a week. I love being busy and having a ton of things scheduled but if I don't get down time I get cranky. Right now I dance twice a week (Monday and Thursday), go to church on Wednesday, Sunday and bible study on Saturday night. That leaves Tuesday and Friday evenings free. Those fill up REALLY fast when they are all you have. I realized last week that I haven't had a free Friday in weeks and my Tuesday's have been crazy too. Because of that I've given myself permission to take Thursday's off from dance if I'm feeling overwhelmed. For me it was a big decision and we'll see how it goes but it relaxes me just to think about it.

By last Friday I was *exhausted* Seth ended up taking me out for sushi since we were both too tired to cook and he had just gotten an extra big pay check from working so much overtime. Speaking of, he was on day shift for two weeks. It was nice to see him every evening and talk about the adventures he had doing deliveries in Western Washington. (Enumclaw to Port Angeles!) but we were both happy to have him go back to his regular shift. We need our space! Plus I've discovered that if he's around too much I 1. don't get anything accomplished 2. become a nag, about things like doing dishes.

Our living arrangement really is working well. We have similar "housekeeping" tendencies. In that we're okay with dishes piling up for a few days and with stuff left in the living room but every few days we both go through and clean up. I find that I typically do dishes a bit more frequently than him which can be a bit of a problem. To his credit he did do them today, mid week, which is unusual. I was impressed.

So, we went out for sushi at a new place in town. It was okay. It seemed expensive because I'm used to eating out for lunch but the portions were well sized. The best part? It's only two blocks from the apartment :) After that we hit Wal-mart and then I came home to pack.

This weekend I attended the ScrapShare Washington Crop III. That means that four years ago I joined, what was at the time called, I found the site online while I was researching becoming a Creative Memories Consultant. Two years later (in January 2005) I attended my first ScrapShare Crop. It was hosted by my friend Darrcie and I carpooled down with Deb and Janis. That was actually the first time I met Deb. It's hard to believe that she and all the other wonderful people I have met, have only been "real life" friends for two years!!! In January 2006 we had our second crop. August 2005 we had "2.5" becasue Diane was out. This year was our third get together. It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones. Deb, Sue and I were the only ones down from BC. Shari and her friend came up from OR and the rest of the group (about 10) were all from Washington State.

I was so busy during the week leading up to the crop that I didn't get anything organized. Because of that I "completed" four whole pages. I put completed in quotations because it wasn't even technically that many. One page was done except for a title and sticking the pictures down, one I did from scratch (including very simple journalling) and one double page spread is stuck down but there's no journalling yet. I left the crop feeling frustrated with myself on that front but I had fun visiting with everyone and thats really what counts.

We spent the night at Darrcie's wonderful bed-and-we-took-her-out-for-breakfast :) I had "reserved" her oldest daughters bedroom, actually, it was designated for me which was great. I'm not sure why but I always sleep wonderfully there and that night was no exception. Sunday we did take Darrcie out for breakfast. We went for brunch at the Tulallip Casino. It was neat because they advertise incessantly on the stations I listen to so it was nice to experience it. The food was really good and plentiful and the best part was they gave us Lindt chocolates instead of after dinner mints!!!

Speaking of chocolate. Everyone on SS has been raving about the new Hershey Cherry Cordial Kisses. Someone (Darrcie?) put them in our goodie bag at the retreat and I've figured out why everyone is talking about them. They're delicous!!!

After brunch we did a Stampin' Up "Stamp a Stack" class. Five different cards, four of each, for a total of twenty cards for just $20 cash. Great deal! Darrcie's sister-in-law is an SU consultant and she always comes up with great designs so it was wonderful. From there Deb and I headed home. No trouble at the border and I got to use my new passport for the first time! Everyone asked if I got it stamped but you have to go in for that and I didn't want them asking any more questions. Maybe when I go to Texas ;)

Sunday evening I went out for dinner with my parents and "baby" brother Aaron. He's 16 already!!! Crazy. The day he was born is still one of my most vivid memories. He hasn't applied for his license yet but I don't expect that he'll wait too long.

Monday was back to work. I've been working on a huge batch of minutes and I finally got them cleaned up that day. It's a huge load off me but now I have to deal with all the other tasks I had put off in order to do those. Monday night was dance. Nothing too exciting to report there.

Tuesday I found out that my parents house got broken into. They entered through the kitchen window, took the computer (cpu) and monitor, went through my parents bedroom but didn't find anything, went downstairs took the tv, my brother's brand new PS2, and Robert's guitar and left through the front door. My parents had insurance so the tv and computer (which as *brand* new) are covered but the PS2 and guitar are not. I haven't actually talked to my parents about it since it happened but I know they're feeling pretty violated.

So that brings us to today. They're doing renovations on the foyer at church so service was cancelled. I've taken advantage of the "me" time, watched a bit of tv, uploaded some pictures, updated my blog and cut a few titles on Deb's sizzix which I'm borrowing for awhile. I'm ready for bed though. Thanks for reading!

~Heidi...who will TRY to not let things pile up so bad again.

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Veronica in Aus said...

Oh no!!! Sorry to hear that your parents were robbed. I know exactly how they feel. My house was broken into twice within 6 months (when I lived alone!) - the second time, they took just about everything. I had great insurance though.

So Heidi - do you and your brother have insurance? Could be a good time to get some if you don't.