Friday, April 06, 2007

fajitas, alligator and crawfish

My first update from Texas! The flight to Houston was uneventful. I had plenty of time to spare before hand and I slept for about an hour on the plane. Naomi was a bit late getting to the airport and then we had an interesting time finding the rest of our group who had gone to rent a car but we figured it out. We went straight to Pappasito's for Mexican food. Yummy chicken fajitas all around. Then Naomi and I were going to go shopping but traffic was so backed up that we just gave up and came back to her house (everyone else went to their hotel). We had a relatively early night.

This morning we got up, stopped at Target where I picked up a shirt and a cardigan and then we went on a Swamp Tour! It was a lot of fun. Not as gross or yucky as you might imagine. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and we saw probably five alligators up close and a few off in the distace. There were lots of turtles and fish and birds too. The tour actually took us into Louisiana too! So I can officially say I've been there now :)

From there, after seeing all the gators swimming around, we decided we wanted to see what they tasted like. So, we headed over to Pappadeaux. Gator is good! Kind of chickeny tasting. I did have a few pieces that were a bit fishy but I could totally see myself eating that on a regular basis.

My meal was crawfish. Fried and not fried but in sauce on "dirty" rice. I split my lunch size with a friend and neither of us finished! WAY too much food :)

Tonight we're off to church for the first of three Easter meetings. Afterwards I hear the plan is to go find some BlueBell ice cream.

The weather has been nice so far but there's supposed to be a storm moving in. Not great since we have a picnic scheduled for tomorrow but we'll work with it.



Sherilyn said...

Glad you made it! I'm looking forward to seeing you. Talked to Marty today. Friday night should be fun!

And was that a swap tour or a swamp tour? LOL I figured out it was a swamp tour, but who knows, a swap tour could work out really well for you, too. :-D

Christina said...

HA! I was thinking the same thing about the "swap" tour... For some reason I thought it was something Bunny Swap related ;)

Terry aka Funky said...

Have fun in Texas such a great spot to visit !