Monday, April 30, 2007

Productive Weekend!

Friday after work I was tired but I was scheduled to go to a crop at my LSS (local scrapbook store) so I packed up and headed out. I'm really glad I did. I'm working on Seth's Hawaii album and I am near the end so I'm getting tired of it and ready to move on to a new project. Friday I completed a bunch of layouts and they're CUTE too! Not just the basic ones I have been doing. Now I have two more pages, some finishing touches and then I'll be DONE!!! Woohoo :)

Saturday I woke up at 8:30 which was stupid. I should have slept a lot longer but it seems lately that when I wake up, I'm up. So, I got out of bed and worked on more layouts while watching the Chevy Top 20 on CMT. Seth borrowed my car to get to work so when he got back at noon I ran some errands and then went out for lunch with Meredith. Saturday evening I went to bible study at church. It feels like forever since I've been there so it was great to get back in the groove...of course I won't be there next week but that's okay.

Sunday (today) after church we (Mom, Dad, Aaron, Seth and I) picked up Chinese food for lunch. We hung out at Mom and Dad's for awhile visiting and then went for a walk around the lake. Then I convinced them to come to our house to watch the hockey game. While the game was on I scrapped. That's exactly how hockey should be watched :D

Anyway, it was a great, productive weekend. It feels good.



Anonymous said...

Is this the Chevy Top 20 that was shot in downtown Ft. Worth? That's what was going on when you were here and we couldn't find a parking place. If only we had known we could have stopped and joined in on the CMT fun.


agent713 said...

No it's the Canadian version. Actually it was shot at a lacrosse game in Toronto.

That would have been so much fun to stop in Fort Worth!!! I don't get US CMT so I wouldn't have known what it was.