Wednesday, April 04, 2007

T minus 16 hours

Phew! Today my boss decided it would be good to do some spring cleaning. I spent the morning organizing holiday decorations (Christmas, Halloween etc). I escaped for lunch and thankfully by the time I got back most of the rest of the clean up was done. There will be a run to the dump on Monday or Tuesday but thankfully I’ll avoid that.

My files are cleaned up, my boss has been briefed and given a tour of my office so she knows where to go to find stuff. My “Out of Office Assistant” is turned on with a friendly reminder that I’m not here to answer any enquiries.

I am ready to get out of here. I have some last minute packing to finish up and I understand that there’s an “artic front” blowing in to Texas so I may add some more warm clothes to my suitcase.

Robert’s down for the weekend so I’m going to have dinner with him at Mom and Dad’s house this evening.

16 hours till my plane leaves! EEK! That sounds so short!!! Think about it, by this time tomorrow I will be IN Texas probably stuffing my face with Mexican food :D



Veronica in Aus said...

Arctic. You know you're going to Texas, right? You won't even notice what other people there call cold. LOL

Miriam said...

Have a BLAST!!!!!