Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Cabinet

You may remember that I currently have two kitchen tables. One I got from Janis and a larger one with a leaf that my mom bought me earlier in the year. You may also remember that I have both of them in my dining area. The one from Janis is covered in scrapbook stuff and I eat on the one from mom. Having my scrapbook stuff in the front room is very convenient. I'm right beside the computer, I face the tv, there's better light here and the kitchen is right beside me. Like any normal scrapbooking space, it's rarely clean. That annoys me some days and I assume that it must bother Seth too. He keeps insisting that it doesn't and as long as there's room on the second table for him to eat he's fine. To the left is a picture of my scrapbooking table. Note my current project, his Hawaii album, on it :) For context, the next picture shows the table from Mom without the leaf and my front room.

So, Thursday I get a call at work. It's Seth "I can get a 5 foot long, 2 foot wide, almost 3 feet tall cabinet for free from work (he works for a local cabinet manufacturer). I was thinking we could put it in the dining room and you could store your scrapbooking stuff there. It will give you extra room on top and you can store your books and stuff underneath"

In my head I'm thinking "Let me get this straight, YOU are asking ME if it's okay if you bring home five feet of counter space which will enable me to spread my scrap crap around? And you're wondering if I'm okay with this?" Out loud "Yeah for sure, if you're okay with it"

So yesterday Seth enlisted Dad and the van to pick me up five feet of counter space!!! The cabinet doesn't have drawers (which would go in the middle) or doors yet but we can get them (we may have to pay but that's okay because this piece apparently is worth about $400 just as it is) I am very excited!!! Now I just have to get scrapbooking :)



Murray and Tracy said...

It looks perfect. You will have to take another pic when everything is all in. So sorry I did not stop and say Hi today. I was on a such a tight schedule. What did you buy from Michaels?

agent713 said...

My goal is not to load it up. Hopefully I can just use it for temporary projects.

I bought a paper organizer that I'm probably going to take back. It's not working like I had intended.

No problem on not stopping. I was on a roll with my errands anyways.


Janis said...

Wow, all that furniture brings back memories!

Veronica in Aus said...

Love the free cabinet! Free is GOOD. I'm sure it will help you keep things organised.