Saturday, April 21, 2007


Monday, April 9th we went to Galveston, TX. We took a small ferry over to Galvestong and then went for a walk on the beach. It took a bit of coaxing on Naomi's part to get us Canadians to take off our shoes and enjoy the warm water in the Gulf of Mexico. We are used to cold Pacific Ocean water! Once we felt the warm gulf waters we started having a ton of fun. Here's the group L-R Amanda, Naomi, Lisa, Amy and me (Heidi)

This is one of my favourite photos of myself. The wind was blowing really hard and they convinced me to take my hair down and let it blow freely. Such a cool feeling!

Naomi and Michele
We love this photo of Amy. We kept telling her to watch out because it's going to show up as a perfume ad some day :)

We spent a lot of time running up and down the beach enjoying the wind and waves. This shot captures the feedom that we felt.
After playing on the beach we had lunch at Landry's. Then we headed into Houston for a quick shopping trip before Amy, Amanda, Lisa and Michele caught their flight home. (The Mustang is Naomi's. Amanda said that when she got home she kept looking for it because she was so used to following it!)

Once we got them to the airport, Naomi and I went shopping. I hit Macy's and a few stores in the mall and bought a bunch of new clothes, shoes and two purses. It was a lot of fun.

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Veronica in Aus said...

Very cool pics - love the one with your long hair flowing with the wind!