Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Secret Shame

x-post from SS

I have a secret. A big secret. One that, until today has even been affecting my social life.

What is my secret you ask?

I don't have a vacuum.

Sad huh? When I first moved in it wasn't a priority. Then by the time I decided I *really* needed one, it was Christmas. The fact that it's a larger ticket item (how can I can drop $XXX on scrapbooking but not on important things???) and the fact that I have an inability to PURCHASE large items (It took me four months to buy my car after saving for three years and probably eight months to buy my digital camera), combined to push purchasing a vacuum down the priority list. I was preparing to buy one before I left for Texas but, again, travel was more important.

I am proud to finally say that today, I purchased my first vacuum. It's a pretty yellow so hopefully I'll be happy when using it. I know I was today! It feels GREAT! I can't wait to have people over now that I'm not concerned that they'll notice how sad the carpet was getting.

So, meet DD (Dirt Devil) Note that the canister is half full already? That's from going over my apartment ONCE. That's how bad I've needed it.

Is it strange to be this excited about an appliance?



Murray and Tracy said...

You always make me laugh. I am so proud of you for sharing your secret. You did it!! You bought your first vacuum!!!! Good job, it looks great. I am strange, I love vacuuming.

Sherilyn said...

LOL! Vacuuming is my most hated chore. I'll clean a hundred toilets before I'll want to clean the floors.

No, not weird at all. I still smile at my perfect kitchen trash can find....so if you're weird, I'm right there with you.