Monday, April 23, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

This weekend was busy but not stressful. Friday I had my last night of dance for the season. We started with a Baron of Beef dinner and then danced for two hours. Because I missed the Monday before I left it has been almost three weeks since I was out there! It was nice to see everyone again.

Saturday I woke up fairly early and just enjoyed the quiet morning. Then I picked up Meredith and we took a drive into the town where I used to work. I needed to stop at the scrapbook store out there to get some ribbon I had promised to Deb, I needed an oil change (and it's cheaper out there and they are more friendly) and I wanted to go to a restaurant that I hadn't been to since I left. Unfortunately the restaurant has since closed :( I was very sad about that. We went to a different one but it wasn't the same.

Saturday evening I attended a reception for friends of mine who were married on March 30th in Ontario. They will be living out here though so our church hosted a reception to celebrate their wedding and welcome them to the community. It was a great evening full of laughter, fellowship and great food.

Sunday after church I invited myself over to Mom & Dad's for dinner. It was mostly leftovers from the potluck reception the night before but it was still yummy. It was nice to catch up with them a bit too. After dinner, even though it was overcast, we went for a walk around their neighbourhood and critiqued the homes and landscaping :D

From there I went home and did a few more pages in Seth's Hawaii album. I am *so* ready to be done with that silly thing and move on to my own pictures.

Sunday evening I went over to Mere's and walked her through the process of uploading photos to Snapfish. She's got all her pictures from Australia to deal with so we got her started on that. While they were uploading we watched "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". Then it was back home where I watched "The Talented Mr. Ripley" on tv with Seth before going to bed.

So, a full weekend but not overwhelming. Just nice. Now I'm back to work. This is my first full week since my vacation. We'll see how I do ;)


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