Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Celebrate! Seattle

Saturday was the first Creative Memories Celebrate! Seattle event. Around 1200 scrapbookers and consultants gathered in the lower concourse of Qwest Field for 11 hours of scrapbooking. It was a lot of fun.

I drove down to Darrcie's on Friday night (the border was a breeze, thankfully) and Saturday morning Deb and I carpooled down to Qwest. I was fighting a cold so my nose was stuffy and I was a bit feverish but I still accomplished a lot and had fun.

Deb and I had lunch with Teresa and her friend Joanne at FX McRory's. After Celebrate, on the advice of SSers, we went for dinner at the Bonefish Grill.

Speaking of SSer's, look how many there were!!! There were more too but these are the ones we got together for a group shot.

Here are Darrcie, Tonya and I. Tonya is Darrcie's downline and a fellow country music fan.
It was neat to be part of such a large group. It really reminds you that scrapbooking is for everyone (guys too!)
Deb and I stayed at Darrcie's Saturday night too (she totally rocks for letting us invade like that). Sunday morning I left early to get back home for church. I stopped for coffee on the way and scored a Starbucks cup for $8 with a free drink! Which means my cup was essentially $4!!!
The border coming north took all of five minutes. It was great considering what I put up with last time. I think I'll stick around home for the next little while though. Even though gas is cheaper in the States it still costs. It's fun to see my friends though :)

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