Sunday, October 21, 2007

Too Many Good-byes

Wow. What a day. I was at Meredith's this morning by 8 am to drive to the airport with her and her parents. We had a few stops on the way and nasty Saturday traffic to fight which made it interesting. She got off okay and from what I saw, Singapore Airlines is living up to their reputation. I just hope her flight goes as well as the checking in portion did. She's almost halfway there if my calculations are correct. She should arrive some time tomorrow, which is actually Monday morning.

Then I came home and did my first shift at the store. Busy Saturday's are a great way to train. I learned how to process sales AND returns (repetion really is the best way to learn) and I discovered that while I enjoy being in the store, being on my feet for an extended period of time like that is going to take getting used to. My supervisor said I did well though and I am looking forward to another shift...which right now is scheduled for next Saturday.

After work I came home. Seth and Robert were both here doing some last minute packing. It turns out, and this doesn't surprise me, that Robert's going with Seth. The boys are only 17 months apart in age and being apart for this last year has been hard on them because they are so close. Robert could probably find work down here but he'd still be separated from Seth and who knows what kind of position he'd find.

Right now I'm finding it hard to be losing my best friend and two brothers all in one day but at the same time I'm happy and excited for all three of them. I'm also overtired which is making me emotional :)

Oh, and the roommate thing? Because Seth really didn't prepare himself before leaving he'll pay for rent for November for sure because his stuff is all here. In December we'll see. It will all depend on the housing situation that the boys find. It could well be that I'll bring all Robert's stuff here (it's currently in Mom & Dad's garage) and store it and they'll pay rent as a storage fee. Or, I may try and find a new roommate. Or, move. I don't know. I'm not too worried about it right now but I will have to make some decisions in the next while. I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, please keep me in your thoughts as I go through all these changes. Thanks :)


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Veronica in Aus said...

I'll definitely keep you in my thoughts - that's a lot of changes to process in a short period of time. Congrats on your first shift at the second job - hope it goes well for future shifts too....onwards to financial security!