Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update: Things To Do Before I Die

In April 2006 I drafted my original list of 96 (and counting) Things To Do Before I Die This came up in conversation again, so I'm giving a status report. These are the things I have accomplished or have sort of accomplished.

2. Live on my own in my own place - so far I've always had a room mate
3. Eat at Sonic - Shoot. You know I've been to Sonic twice but I've only ever gotten a drink. I suppose it mostly qualifies.

7. Go to Texas - DONE!!!

15. Get room service and have breakfast in bed at a nice hotel - I had room service for dinner at the Fairmont. Very nice. I haven't had breakfast in bed yet though.

16. Play blackjack at a casino - I've played slots now...
18. Try ten new foods - fried okra, aligator, crawfish...I need to pay more attention and track what I'm eating.

37. Tour the US Eastern seaboard - I've started this. I want to do a lot more though

41. Learn to cook - ditto. Started, want to do more

1 comment:

Sherilyn said...

Change that to "drink" at Sonic. The food is truly nothing to get excited about. It's the drinks...the ice, the cup, the perfect mixture of syrup and carbonation every single time, and the flavors you can have them add into your drink. Forget the food, you've already had the best Sonic has to offer.