Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. I have a reputation in my family for being a board game freak. Scabble, Monopoly, Risk, cards, you name it, I love it. I will play board games for HOURS. My family generally humours me and while they do enjoy playing, they're not over the top like I am.

Friday evening I was at Meredith's Grandma's for dinner. Her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin were visiting and after dinner we played a round of Settlers of Catan They had originally introduced me to it when we went to Harrison this summer. Since then I played it once with Melissa and Jevon. I mentioned that I wanted to get a copy of the game because I thought my family would enjoy it. Meredith's mom suggested that I borrow it for the weekend.

We had our traditional turkey (and ham this year because Seth wanted it) dinner on Sunday after church. Aaron's friend Nathan (sitting beside me) joined us. After dinner we relaxed, napped, did dishes and around 6pm started playing Settlers. Mom, Dad, Seth, Robert and I were in on the action. (Aaron was with Nathan). We played until 3:30 AM!!! CRAZY! The boys work night shift so for them to stay up late isn't a big deal. Seth did a Tim Horton's run around 10pm so I was good to stay up late. Dad just kept going though. It was amazing. I don't think he's ever stayed up that late. We laughed and ate and laughed some more. It was wonderful. With Seth moving and not having seen Robert since Easter, it's hard to say when we'll ever get to do this again. By around 2 it became a test to see how long Dad would keep going. We'd finish a game and they'd all say "let's play again!"

Around 1:30 they pulled out RISK and we played a round of that (Seth beat us rather effortlessly) and then we played another two rounds of Settlers. Seth won most of the games but Robert, Mom and Dad each had their turns as well. Seth wanted us to call him the "Emporer of Catan". Not likely LOL

It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving though.


Jayna said...

I found your blog because you and I seem to have quite a few things in common: a love of country music, scrapbooking and the fact that we're both Canadian.

I read your blog about your Thanksgiving and it really made me feel happy and reminded me of my home and my Thanksgivings in Canada. I am away in Spain for an exchange this year, and I just wanted to say thanks for bringing a smile to my face and reminding me of my good ole' Canadian Thanksgivings!

Keep on blogging!

Sherilyn said...

I remember when you first posted about Settlers...I'm a board game freak, too. But with just DH and I most of the time, I don't get to play very many. So I was happy when my SIL and her kids brought Settlers to Kauii, where we played a few times with them. I might have to get this to keep at my parents' house for holidays.