Thursday, January 31, 2008

Farts ARE Funny

Tie this back to my "I have three brothers" motto for explaining life if you want to but farts ARE funny. Really, you don't want to get me started on fart stories.

Quit reading here if your senses are easily offended.

Okay. You've been warned :) (Just be glad that the internet doesn't readily deliver smells!)

It's probably a sad truth that some of my best family memories include flatulence but it's the truth and you can't avoid it. My dad has *quite* the reputation on this front and he's taught my brothers (and me) well. My mom grew up visiting her grandparents farm every weekend as well so she doesn't exactly have the most delicate sensibilities.

My paternal grandmother TRIED. She was the girliest girl you could ever meet. Every shade of pink imaginable and the scent of roses. That was Grandma. Unfortunately her children and grandchildren did NOT smell like roses! One summer we rented a cabin by the lake. There were a bunch of us sitting around the kitchen table visiting. Someone (one of my uncles if I remember correctly) kept letting farts go. Nasty smelly ones. Grandma was armed with an areosol airfreshener and she would calmly walk up behind the offender and SPRAY. Too funny :)

Another time we were visiting my aunt's house and watching Canucks play the Oilers on tv. My cousin was RANK that night. My family STILL talks about that time.

And one of my personal "most embarassing moments" (I really shouldn't share this but I'm going to anyways). I was at work one day, all alone up front. I let one loose and my poor unsuspecting co-worker decided to come and chat at that moment. He paused by my desk and sniffed and said "It smells like methane in here". Now I live in a farming community and on a summer morning that's not an unfamiliar smell. IN the building though, not so much. I put on my most innocent face and blamed it one the cows.

See? Farts are funny!

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shirley319 said...

LOL! I don't think I could have made an innocent face in that situation. Thanks for the laugh tonight!