Friday, January 18, 2008


I was asked today, "Do you have a nickname prone name". Initially I wanted to say "no" but as I read this I realize that yeah, people do give me nicknames.

Heidi-ho: The only person who could get away with this without making me mad was my grade 8 math/leadership teacher. Once in awhile at dance the caller will use this term but I just can't bring myself to say it.

Heid's: Very, VERY few people are allowed to use this. I introduced Meredith to a guy friend and when he called me "Heid's" I swear she lost her eyebrows because they went up so high. Very funny.

Triple H: My brother's friend. It was something to do with chemistry. Hydrogen, Helium and Heidi. I forget the specifics.

Dee-dee & Deedle: My mom used these when I was little.

Diesel: The name I picked for myself for camp

Agent/The Agent: My online friends

Ms. Mxxxxx: My boss. Usually when she wants something.

I also get called Heather and Katie a lot. Heather because people aren't paying attention. Katie because that's our receptionists name and both of us answer the phones.

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Martha said...

I'm thinking my best friend from HS was always Heidi...nothing more nothing less. Although she had sisters named Hilary and Heather so she would get called those names as well.

I'm a Martha...and don't even THINK about calling me Marty if you want to remain my friend. (ok, so the older I get, the less I care what people call me as long as it is an honest error but growing up, I'd stomp my foot and say THAT IS A BOY"S NAME! Because my dad's male cousin was Marty).

And if my boys ever meet you, you'll be Miss Heidi to them...they add the Miss to everyone, even guys sometimes if they aren't paying attention!

Now back to work Ms. M!