Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This weekend I attended the Fourth Annual ScrapShare Washington Day Crop. Four years already! This year's event was at a church in Kent, WA. I crossed the border almost right after work on Friday evening and stopped at Bellis Fair. I stayed the night at Darrcie's, where I have standing reservations for SSWA events. Deb stayed over too. She takes a different border crossing than I do and left much earlier in the day so I just met her at Darrcie's.

Saturday morning Deb and I carpooled down to Kent (Darrcie had to do some kid/dog shuffling on the way down). We stopped at Starbucks and Haagen's on the way and arrived at the church around 9:30.

The SSWA girls are a fantastic bunch. Our first get together was at Darrcie's and we had 11 people there. This time we had 22 including eight of that original group! It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new people that I had previously only known online.

I shared a table with Dars and even though she kept me in stitches, I still got a lot accomplished! After my scare last September I was wary of bringing very much with me. I chose a 7x7 project and came back with it mostly finished.

Friday night Deb presented me with the most wonderful heartfelt gift that I have received in a long time. "Altered" letters are really popular on SS right now. She had mentioned that she's been working on some but I didn't expect one and I certainly didn't expect one as detailed as the one she created for me. It's perfect! "Family is everything" is the main quote. She knows how close I am to my family so that fits just right. There are little buttons and tags that say things like "travel", "road trip", "journey", "adventure", maple leaves, a CM charm, and a stack of laminated pictures of: sushi, Starbucks, Scrapshare, the Kenny concert poster with Dierks on it and a retro office shot.
The whole thing is perfect because it's so "me". It's exactly all the things that I talk to her about all the time and what represents me. Receiving gifts is wonderful but receiving one that is so perfect for ME is incredible. I had this proudly displayed on my table and made anyone who came close stop and look at it :D

Okay, back to my update. Saturday a few of us did a quick scrapbook store/Starbucks run and then we scrapped until almost 10pm...or at least I did. I was on a roll so I was the last one to clean up. Deb caught a ride back with Darrcie and I followed not TOO far behind. I did do some late night sightseeing in Renton though. Ooops.

Sunday morning we woke up, got ready and headed down to the casino for their wonderful buffet brunch. I enjoyed it even more than the last time we were there.

From there I briefly hit the outlets and then headed home.

It was another wonderful weekend and I hope we continue this traditions for years to come!

Oh and a quick shout out to Charlyn who was our gracious host this weekend (it was her church) and to her husband who apparently reads my blog!!! Hello!

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tosin said...

That letter is a beautiful work of heart. What an amazing gift!!