Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why do people have to die?

It's one thing to say good bye to someone because they're moving to another province or even halfway around the world. When you say good bye in that context you know you'll probably see them again. When you have to say good bye to someone because they've died, it's so much harder. It doesn't matter if you're 59, 28 or unborn. It's still hard.

This week it seems like everytime I turn around there is news of another death. The big one that made national headlines today is Heath Ledger. He's only a few years older than me. It's shocking to have someone my age die so suddenly.

Saturday I got news that my friend's aunt, a woman I have known for many, many years, passed away suddenly. She was a sweet lady who attended our church for the past few years and was always friendly and chatty. At 59 years old I believe it was a heart attack that took her.

I also got news yesterday that one of my friends miscarried. It's a situation where the pregnancy was very unexpected but they warmed up to the idea very quickly and both embraced it. We were all super excited for them and now, hurting for them.

So, 59, 28 or not born, you leave people sad and asking why. My heart goes out to everyone affected.


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