Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Phone Plan

I changed my cell phone plan finally. I've had a super basic plan for over a year now. Because my cell phone is my primary line (I don't have a land line) I finally broke down and upgraded my service. I now have free incoming calls (so call me!) This works from anywhere. If you call me, I don't get charged airtime.

I also added the much advertised "My5" plan. That means that I can pick five numbers in Canada, cell or land line that I have unlimited calling to. That was WAY harder than I expected. I spent probably 10 minutes reviewing my bill with the chick at the call centre trying to determine who I actually CALL. I generally email people and, I admit, because I HAD limited minutes I DIDN'T call people as much as I should have. Now I can relax if a call lasts that much longer.

Yesterday I put this new plan to the test. I called Seth and talked for 20 minutes. Then Mom called and we chatted for almost an hour! While I was talking I got most of my tree dismantled. I still have fake branches strewn all over the living room because they need to be tamed and squished before being put away but at least I've started the process. I admit that I'm kind of sad. I liked having my little tree in the corner. It was so cheery :) Oh well. Christmas will be here in 11 months :D


Veronica said...

Hmmm. Do you need a wake up call sometime? LOL

Janis said...

I just know you have me on your frequent callers list ;)

Email me your number and I'll call you sometime!