Monday, January 28, 2008

Jane Eyre

I did my first full day at the store yesterday. Opened and closed all by myself. I won't go in to the details of what I could have done differently but suffice to say, it wasn't a particularly smooth day. After work my co-workers met up at a local restaurant for dinner. Over Christmas we had won some cash through different contests and the consensus was to blow it on dinner (as opposed to buying something concrete like a fridge or something). We had a great time. I really enjoy each of the people I work with but I rarely get to see them because I'm generally working alone. It was nice and relaxing even though we had a lot of "shop talk" and we got some deep belly laughs in over things that only someone who works in retail would understand :)

When I got home I just vegged. A few weeks ago I was at the library and there were two versions of "Jane Eyre" on the return cart. I'm always game for the classics so I grabbed them. They've been sitting on my counter ever since. One of them is overdue already so I popped it in last night. It was the 1944 version with Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine Now I was tired but man, it played out like a cheesy horror flick! Lots of dark shadows, people moving around a cold dark castle in big billow cloaks, spoooooooky music and women's screams piercing the night. That said, it was interesting to watch. Normally when I view the classics like this I'll listen to the book on tape first so I at least have a grasp on the story line. This one I had to get entirely from the movie.

I still have another version to go. I'm interested to see if it will be any better.

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Sherilyn said...

Oh, yes, Heidi, that one will be better. I think I've seen them all and just saw that one again a month or so ago on PBS. It's my favorite. Rochester and Jane are just as they should be.