Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NR Update

Everyone keeps asking "are you going to keep your job at the store?" Meaning post-Christmas. I keep saying "well, they gave me a key so yeah, I guess so" LOL And they did. I was told right off the bat that if I worked out and if I was interested, I could be trained as a "key holder" which means I can open and close by myself. I started my training around Christmas and worked my first solo shifts during the first week of January.

The second weekend in January was SSWA so I requested it off. Because it's super quiet after Christmas and I had asked for time off, I ended up only getting three hours during that second week (which was perfectly fine with me). It was fun to tell people "Well, they've given me keys but no hours. I guess I'm still working there" LOL Now I'm back to my more regular 12 hours average. Next week will be a few more because my boss is away.

The funny thing was, in that ten day span that I had off, I actually started missing the store! By the time last Thursday rolled around I was looking forward to going back. It was good too. I had to check my notes for closing because I haven't totally mastered the process of closing but I did everything correctly. Everything except one. My till was over by $15.00. I re-counted it a bunch of times but I couldn't figure out what was up. I ended up just leaving it. Friday I came in and as I was cashing out I realized that I had read one of the rolls of coins wrong. It was a $10 roll of 25 cent coins. Not a $25 roll of 10 cent coins. Duh! I called my boss and told her "good news! I'm an idiot! The till balanced out because Thursday I was over by $15 and Friday I was $15 short. That $15 difference being the imaginary coinage.

Anyway, other than that I'm still enjoying it. The extra cash is nice and making progress on paying debt is a wonderful thing. Slightly addicting to tell the truth. So yeah, for now at least, I'm keeping that job :)



Veronica said...

Good for you! That's fantastic that a) they still want you (and trust you enough to be a key holder), b) you are still managing with working extra hours and c) the biggie - that you're paying off debt!

Karin said...

That's really saying something when you miss your job! They're lucky to have you and it sounds like they know it!

Yep ~ not only is paying off debt addicting, but wait until you get to the saving part ~ it only gets better! Keep up the good work!