Thursday, January 31, 2008

When "should" turns to "do"

Monday afternoon I came back from lunch and my co-worker and I decided to finally do the office re-organization that everyone has been talking about since before Christmas. We dismantled a desk in one office, move it into another. Took the makeshift "desk" from that office and distributed the pieces around the office. Moved a credenza and the photocopier, aranged a bunch of filing cabinets and supplies. When that was done, I worked with my boss on flinging magazines. We filled seven boxes for recycling and I had the wonderful task of carrying them down the stairs and outside. By the time I got home I was *exhausted*. Dance was cancelled due to the weather so I watched the second "Jane Eyre" video that I had (you're right Sherilyn, it was way better) and went to bed early.

Tuesday the nasty weather started. A huge dump of snow, closed schools, treacherous roads. I had my first BerryBeat Festival meeting. Because of the meeting I didn't get in to work until 10. The roads were pretty interesting but quiet too so I could set my own pace. The weather didn't let up all day so we were let out at 3:15. Tuesday evening I had the whole evening to myself. It was wonderful. Granted I ended up working until almost 7, drafting the minutes for that morning's meeting but I set my own pace and just hid away in my apartment.

I even went digging in some boxes and found some candles that I've been hoarding for some unknown reason. It's amazing how much difference a little bit of light makes when it's cold and blowing outside.

Wednesday the weather was again nasty. The snow kept up and when my boss gave me the choice to go home at lunch, I lept at it. Of course then when the store called and asked if I could come in early I conceded so I didn't really gain anything other than more hours at the store.

In between leaving the office and going to the store I stopped in at my friend Jenna's. I haven't seen her in awhile so we spent a little while catching up. She mentioned that she's working on memorizing all the US states. That evening at the store I challenged myself and I managed to write down 49 states from memory!!! The only one I missed was Missouri. I also named all 28 NHL teams. I used them to cross reference a little bit but some how the fact that St. Louis is IN Missiouri escaped me. Pretty good though huh? 49 states off the top of my head?

Today it's raining so the snow is slowly washing away. I asked Veronica the other day "when's the next plane to Australia?" and she said "Anytime you want to come". Believe me, if it was just as simple as getting on a plane I'd be there in a heart beat (although my heart would probably stop when I get there because I understand it is REALLY hot right now). Too bad there are things like tickets and vacation that has to be considered :P

Speaking of vacation, Southwest has finally extended their booking dates (I want to compare how much they'd be to fly to Diane's wedding). They've extended them to August 22. The wedding is on the 23rd. That is absolutely no help!!!

So, back to waiting :)


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