Sunday, January 27, 2008

The weatherman was right

No more cold clear weather. Now it's cold, overcast, and WET :P The snow started very slow yesterday. Miniscule flakes that you could almost deny. Within an hour they were big as loonies and fluffy. I'm not a fan of snow but I will admit that it is pretty.
These shots were taken at work. It was slippery driving in and I almost took out the sign that said "Caution Parking Lot Slippery"

Ya think?!?! By the time I got off it had warmed up so that the roads were just slush. There's still snow on the ground and they're predicting more today. Yipee :P

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Karin said...

You're not a fan of snow? You do know that you live in Canada, don't you? ;) I'll trade you the snow for the wind. Love the photo of you enjoying a taste of winter!