Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Birthday - You've been googled

Today is groundhog's day, but it is also the birthday of an ex-co-worker of mine. I'll call him Fred. I worked with Fred for about a year and a half over four years ago. At the time he was mayor of a small town about an hour away from where we worked. Because it is such a small town the position was only quartr time, which is why he needed a day job as well. Fred is almost ten years older then me. He liked to think he was younge and "hip" and I always got great pleasure from reminding him that he wasn't all that young any more. My favourite fact was that he had been sitting on the school board while I was still in elementary school!

During the time we worked together there was a municiple election. Fred lost by a couple of hundred votes to another more experienced individual. It was hard on him because his heart really is in municiple politics. I've seen his name around here an there but I haven't really kept track of him. Today, in honour of his birthday, I googled him. Guess what? He ran in the municiple election in November and won! He's back to being mayor.

Congratulations Fred! And Happy Birthday :)


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