Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Update

It's Sunday morning and I am ready WAY earlier then I need to be. That's okay, it gives me time to print out a copy of my resume right? Wrong. THERE'S NO PAPER!!! Arrrgh! I'll just steal some from church though :D It's all good.

So, how has my weekend been so far? Great! Friday was (as expected) a very busy day at work but I got a lot done and left with that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. That evening I went to a Creative Memories workshop hosted by one of my ex-sidelines. I have a bunch of piddly things to do in my last album. Finishing journalling here and there, adding a border, doing a calendar page. All stuff I've been avoiding for awhile. I hauled it all to the workshop...and spent the evening organizing my paper LOL What's my middle name again? All together now, p.r.o.c.r.a.s.t.i.n.a.t.i.o.n. :D

Actually, it was good. I've been thinking about doing this for awhile and it was easier with other people around. I use CM file mates for my paper. In the past I've had files for red, orange, yellow, green, green printed, blue, blue printed, purple, neutrals and black & white. In a second file mate I had all the specialty packs. Asian Myabi, Frosty Prints, Zoo, Formal, Natures Whisper, Earthy Elegance etc. etc. What I did Friday was merge all the specialty packs into my regular paper. Now I have red, red printed, orange, orange printed, get the idea. I also moved a zillion zesties (from the times of your life kit and the other big one) and all my MKC/Hostess gift papers (Memories and Moments etc). It's great! My file mates are FULL and I actually ripped one of the pockets but they both sit in my carry all at all times so it's not a big deal.

Saturday, I went over to Deeb's. Stampin' and Sushi. That was the order of the day :) I was fighting brutal cramps and a really weird headache so just sitting there and playing with her new tag set while watching "A Knights Tale" was wonderful :) I completed four cards and pre-stamped a wack of stuff for future projects.

We had dinner at Takkara Bune. I had box B with all veggie (no prawns) tempura and chicken teryaki. Yummy!!! We also had my new favourite, edemame. (Deb's holding one at left). Salty Japanese beans :)

I left at seven to go to a bible study. It was SNOWING the whole way home! Not really sticking but yucky just the same. It's warmed up this morning and all traces of the white stuff are gone (as they should be). Hopefully it stays up on the mountians where it belongs :)

This afternoon I have my interview for the executive assistant position. I just hope I can concentrate at church and not think about it too much.

Have a great weekend!!!



Veronica in Aus said...

Oh yum! Sushi :) Except I would have had the regular Tempura WITH prawns ;)

:o Stealing from church - girl, you are living on the edge ;)

...and snow too!!! Maybe I should just get on the next plane to Vancouver....

agent713 said...

LOL you can have my prawns :)

BTW I found some paper in the fax machine so I didn't have to steal from church :)

Oh, and you can have the snow :P It's been pretty good today. Just rain...the way it should be.


Veronica in Aus said...

Ugh - you want rain over snow??? What is wrong with you??? :D

agent713 said...

LOL, THIS is why I live where I do :) Don't belive what they showed at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. It is NOT snow and ice up here. Just rain. Nice warm rain :D

Emmy said...

Rain over snow any day! Rain:
- does not need to be shoveled
- does not require a "rain brush" like snow requires a "show brush" for your car.
- does not require massive amounts of layers of clothes to wear to stay warm.
- does not impede driving as badly as snow can.
- is what this west coast girl is used to!

I'll take rain any day too :D

Janis said...

Is this paper you are stealing from my fax machine? If so then I think you might find some in the top file drawer downstairs. The kids may have used it all though....