Friday, February 03, 2006

Remote Blogging

The internet was down yesterday afternoon so I blogged into a word document. Now I'm pasting my entries into one post.


1:45 pm

Arrrgh!!! Why does this happen? The internet appears to be down again. *Just* as I finish updating my cover letter for a couple more jobs. I’m on a roll! I’m just being stymied by technology :P

On a similar note I’m finding that I’m paying a lot more attention when I answer the phone now. No more absent minded answering (which is how I usually do it). I never know if the next call could be a potential employer and I want to be sure I sound my best. I’ve employed the “smile, they can hear it in your voice” trick for years (and gotten many compliments on it) but now I am conscious of smiling when I answer. Now…if the phone would just ring…



2:23 pm

I have a headache. I’m not sure if it’s because I can’t access the internet or because I’ve been staring at my computer too long again. Either way it hurts. I made myself a cup of chai and while it’s comforting, it’s not really making the head ache go away :(

BTW is that one word or two?



2:30 pm

I *have* to have music while I am working. I go crazy without it. In the mornings I log my computer on, launch Outlook and then my internet radio. For times like these when the internet is down, I have a reserve of George saved to Windows Media Player. His 50 #1’s, Live from the Astrodome and Somewhere Down in Texas are lifesavers :D Sometimes I call on him when I need some guaranteed smooth music too. Actually, he’s helping my head ache right now. WTG George :)


Cut Off
3:28 pm

Okay. I am officially feeling cut off from the world. It’s weird how reliant we get on the internet…or I do at least. There are a number of things I could do right now but all of them require access to the world wide web. I’ve finished everything I can here at work and now I am ::gasp:: playing Solitare!!!

“I am slowly going crazy 123456 switch 654321 crazy going slowly am I”



Mel said...

You are crazy!!!
Glad the internet is working today!


agent713 said...