Monday, February 06, 2006

My Weekend

Remember the headache I was complaining about last week? Turns out it was due to sinus pressure. I'm fighting a cold right now. It hasn't taken full hold yet and if I have my way, it won't. It's weird. I swear I always get sick the same way. I get a nasty taste in the back of my mouth, my head starts to hurt and my nose starts to stuff up, oh and my eyes start watering. Everytime I just brush it off as allergies or annyoing co-workers (in the case of the headache ;)). After a few days I'm forced to admit that it is more then that.

So, how was my weekend? Pretty good considering how horrible I feel.

Friday I went straight into Vancouver to crop with Deb, Sue and others. Traffic was a pain but being Friday I had the Weekly Top Thirty on JRfm to keep me company. As soon as it was over I called in and requested the new LeAnn Rimes song. Diane has been telling me about it but I hadn't heard it on the radio yet. (The words are on her blog: Di's Blog: Something's Gotta Give) I had a nice little chat with the dj too. He asked where I was and I said "just crossing the Port Mann Bridge" then he asked why I wanted to hear the song. I told him it was because my friend had told me about it and said that this might be our theme song for 2006. He asked who my friend was and I said "Diane in Michigan" then he asked if I was in Michigan". DUH! Didn't I just say I was on the Port Mann??? Anyways, he played the song a few minutes later which is great turn around time for a request. It's an awesome song too! Thanks for picking up on it Di!

As previously mentioned, cropping at Deb's is always fun. We had pizza for dinner which I ate while watching CMT Top Twenty with Deb's daughter. She's a fellow country music lover although I think I freaked her out by talking to the tv ;) Deb got a bunch of new stamps and I was able to play with them. These are two of my creations.

I stayed at Janis' again (where I'm house sitting) I got there just past midnight and went straight to bed. I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of gale force winds whipping the tarp on the mound of dirt just down the road. Very annoying <_< While I was lying in bed trying to not really be awake, my friend Liz popped into my mind. Liz was one of my best friends during grade nine and ten. We've kept in touch sporadically over the years. Awhile back she moved up to the North West Territories with her boyfriend Matt. They had a daughter, Caroline in 2001. She calls a couple of times a year and we chat for awhile.

Anyways, I finally got myself out of bed, made some breakfast and sat down to scrapbook. That was my plan for the day, work in silence while listening to the radio :) Around eleven o'clock my cell phone rings (the landline has been disconnected so I'm only available via my very old cell phone, that combined with the spotty coverage at Janis' has made communication interesting.) It was Liz!!! She's getting married (to Matt) on February 25th. A very small wedding, taking place in their home. I'm really happy for her. I would love to go but driving 24 hours North in February just isn't practical and I don't have the $$ to fly :( It was exciting to hear her news though, and weird considering I had just been thinking of her that morning. It always happens that way doesn't it?

After that exciting phone call I sat down and made really good headway on the album I'm doing for Meredith. In fact I'm almost done. It's been fun though. Just before dinner time I packed up and headed home. The wind and rain was nasty so driving was really interesting. I got home just in time for dinner and to change the towel catching the rain coming in the window in my bedroom. Turns out the seals aren't that great so there was a steady drip off the frame. Not cool.

After dinner we went to the Saturday night bible study. By the time we got home the storm had passed over and the dripping in my bedroom had stopped. Sunday was actually a pretty nice day!

Speaking of Sunday. I watch one football game a year. The SuperBowl. I enjoy all the hype and excitement. Unfortunately I was rooting for Seattle and this wasn't their year. It was nice to spend the afternoon on the couch though. I actually fell asleep during the second quarter which was good for my head. I woke up in time to see Mick Jagger and the half time show...not so good for my head :P I don't understand what people see in them. The stage was cool but that was about it. I missed having my brother Robert there. He is a big football fan and very patient with explaining why they stopped the play AGAIN :P He had to work though. Apparently pizza is a popular SuperBowl menu item and when you're the manager, you get the shift.

So yeah, SuperBowl all afternoon. I was going to go to bed early but "My Best Friend's Wedding" came on so Mom and I watched that. This morning I'm back at work. The sun is shining and I have basically nothing to do. Gotta love it :P

Happy Monday everyone!


Mel said...

Your funny talking about the Super Bowl!!
Hope you are feeling better today!


Veronica in Aus said...

Sounds like a great weekend - except for the sinus infection :( hope it gets better soon.

Love your new creations :)

Emmy said...

It was sad Seattle didn't win, but at least they got there! First time in their history! And yeah pizza, big super bowl food ... that's what we had with our Coldstone Creamery ice cream :D
Hope you feel better soon twin!