Monday, February 13, 2006

One Hundred

One Hundred posts to my blog. Man I talk a lot!!! That's almost two a day since I started this thing.

In honour of my one hundredth post I want to reminisce a bit. In elementary school we used to have One Hundred Day. It was on the one hundredth day that school was in session. Usually half way through December. Each child was asked to bring one hundred of an item. Sometimes they were edible things (chocolate chips, marshmallows, cheerios, smarties, etc) and it would all be mixed together into a big trail mix and served to the children. Sometimes it was "things" like pennies or buttons. I don't remember specifically what I brought but I know I always looked forward to One Hundred Day.

Happy One Hundred posts to me and thanks for reading :)



Emmy said...

My mom does Day 100 with her kindergarten class, they don't count weekends, only days they are in school... she said Day 100 is Thursday and she's started the prep for the party ... I never had that in school but I've helped with hers and it's so fun!

Happy 100 posts!

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Too funny that you should post this today. Ian's 100th day of school is today. And in his class they were supposed to bring in a collection of one hundred items. Jeffrey Ian and I put together a lego display that was 100 pieces and says 100. It also has his favorite thing right now, Lego Star Wars figures.

Mel said...

Happy 100th post (geez... you may overtake me yet! ;) )

I never did that 100 day thing... sounds like fun.


Veronica in Aus said...

OMFSM!!! I think you have more posts than me - and I started before you ;)

Martha said...

Happy 100th Post! DS2 celebrated 100th day at school last week...and yes, they did all the various things you mentioned!

Martha C.

Nancy - nowimscrappin said...

We never had 100th day when I was growing up but now my 2nd child just celebrated it. They made a BIG deal out of it and talked about 100 things for a week leading up to it. My son took 100 of the rocks my nephews gave him from Brazil - he was so excited!