Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Search Continues...

This whole job search experience is an entirely new area for me and it is fascinating. It's funny how what you look for in a postition evolves as you grow up. I remember reading the classifieds as a teen and only looking at the food related jobs. I guess I felt that was all I could do. Now I'm looking at administrative support positions and picking and chosing. Last Friday there was a posting for an admin clerk of some type. I thought it looked interesting so I adjusted my cover letter and got an email ready, then I went back and re-read the job description. I realized that it was way too entry level for me and I scrapped the application. THAT is empowering. Chosing not to apply for a position.

There's another one today. I love this line under "other requirements":
This individual must be organized, detail oriented and accountable. This person must be energetic, have an excellent sense of humour and be willing to work under pressure.
There is way too much report writing and research required for this position so I won't be applying but I love the fact that they list HUMOUR as a requirement!!!

~Heidi...off to check out more postings...

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Veronica in Aus said...

Yeah - they list humour as a requirement because they put you under so much pressure that you have to laugh to be able to get through it all :)