Friday, February 10, 2006

Second Interview Report

This morning I had me second interview with a placement agency. Another interesting experience. More testing, but different. I did the typing test and got 67 wpm with eight errors. They said accuracy was more important than speed so they had me do it again. 59 wpm with only one error. Much better :) I also took tests on Word, Excel and Access. I haven't used Access in a long time so my 59% was impressive. I ACED the Excel though. 100%...of course that won me the opportunity of taking the second level. I did pretty good on it too.

After the testing I met with the recruiter. Chatty little thing :) She was really nice though. Explained how the process works, why recruitment agecies are such a good idea and a wack of other stuff. She didn't like the way I set up my resume (whatever, it's not like there's a *right* way to do it) but I am still looking forward to working with her.

I'm really confident that this agency route is the way to go. Only 20 more days max until I'm out of here :)


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