Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Wanna Do It All

I've been throwing around the idea of doing a "Things to do Before I Die" kind of list for awhile now. Melissa/Empress4 posted a link to a list of 101 things to do in the next 1001 days written by another blogger. It's a great place to start. I took the liberty of reviewing her list and commenting on what I've already accomplished. Out of her 101 things, I've done over 30! I'll be using this as a basis for my list. My title is going to be from Terri Clark's song I Wanna Do It All

Here are my comments:
1. Go to bar, hang out, drink alcohol by myself and enjoy it – I’ve eaten dinner at a pub by myself, but not drank alone…yet ;)
2. Play laser tag – done, and I loved it
3. Get a Professional massage and/or full spa day – done, and I loved it LOL Thanks to Kimberley, Melissa and Jenna
4. Jump on a trampoline – many many times
5. Host dinner party for at least 8 – I don’t think there were eight there, and it wasn’t a *real* dinner party

6. Visit a museum and/or art gallery – museum yes, art gallery no, so far
7. Go to Rein Faire in Full Costume – now that would be cool! I’ve been to a Rein Faire, but not in costume
8. Sleep in a water bed – yes, very, very interesting
9. Make note of where I am when my car turns 100,000 miles – I watched it flip!!! I was on my way to work :)
10. Visit a planetarium – this has been on my list for a LONG time

11. Participate in a wine tasting and/or winery tour – been to a wine tasting party, still need to do the tour
12. Do a High Tea somewhere – preferably at The Empress?
13. Play chess – yep, and won
14. See a Drive in movie – I think there’s actually a theatre that’s just opened up. Maybe this summer?
15. {Need To Come Up With Something - What was originally here was a duplicate with 55}

16. Play blackjack at a casino – I’ve been with my brother while he’s played but I haven’t played myself yet.
17. Make homemade ice cream – I *think* we did this when I was a kid. I’d like to do it again.
18. Try 10 new food (like seafood/etc) – with Deb’s assistance I will accomplish this :)
19. See a musical – Les Miserables counts right?
20. Ride in a taxi – Done, but I can’t remember why

21. Have my fortune read
22. Go away away for my birthday - I’m always away for my birthday…wait, you mean Alberta doesn’t count???
23. Throw my sister a 40th birthday party – This one will need to change. I don’t have a sister :P
24. Vist my fathers grave site – Also will need to change. Thank goodness!
25. Send birthday cards to all siblings, their spouses/children and friends (ie
anyone on Christmas card list) – way easier said then done!

26. Attend my 20 high school reunion (Am I showing my age?) – My 10 year is coming in three years ::gulp::
27. Go Christmas caroling – Done, we went to the fire hall :D
28. Get wisdom teeth pulled – Done, in three separate sessions.
29. Get AIDS test – every time I give blood!
30. Ask for a raise – sure, as soon as I secure a job!

31. Work on an election campaign – Hmmm, I don’t know if I could care enough for this. I would work the actual election though…
32. Watch or rewatch all moves on AFI top 100 list – YES! I really want to do this
33. Create my family tree – mostly done, I need to scrapbook it though
34. Draft a will – ooh, that’s a good one!
35. Collect all 50 US State Quarters (last one might be hard to get in Sept 2008) – Have 26/50…pretty good for a foreigner!

36. {Need To Come Up With Something - What was originally here was a duplicate with 90}
37. Go a week without watching television – done, need to do it more often :P
38. Spend one weekend totally unplugged. No TV, No Computer, No Phone – no phone…that’s hard, I’ve done the other two…wait, just a weekend? Oh yeah, been there done that.
39. Fast for 24 hours – my brothers did the 30 hour famine. I should try it.
40. Be in audience of a game show or talk show and/or try out for a game show or reality show – that would be a blast!

41. Get ear training lessons to be able to hear pitch – nah, I’d just be annoyed at people who were off then. Ignorance is bliss :)
42. Learn to cook 10 new dishes- how about just learn to cook…
43. Play with a handbell choir – my mother would LOVE this
44. Do 25 different crossword puzzles – now that is a challenge for me…
45. Take a Self Defense Class – good idea

46. Fire a gun - can’t say I’ve done this
47. Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons – I’m starting round dance tonight but that’s different…
48. Take real swimming lessons (learn proper backstoke, kick turn) – yeah, my dog paddle doesn’t suffice all the time
49. Leave to drive a stick shift – DEFINITELY something I want to learn. Anyone wanna teach me?
50. Try yoga – yep and see if I can get in touch with the inner me :P

51. Take a cake decorating class – This is probably on EVERYONE’s list :)
52. Learn to use chopsticks – Actually I’m pretty darn good with them already
53. Learn to shuffle – shuffle? Shuffle what? Cards? That I can do, not great, but passable.
54. Take a refresher First Aid course – good idea
55. Learn how to play pinochle – I have NO idea what that is

56. Try to Ski – done, successfully I might add
57. Take a spinning class – uhhh, sure…
58. Try Golf – YES! Oh LISA…
59. Buy a new car – two, new to me, does that count?
60. Get hair colored professionally (or highlighted or perm) – meh, I’ve got enough natural highlights

61. Bikini wax – ouch, yes this would be good
62. Buy a new condo (or house) – or a town house…
63. Have Professional Shopper help me pick clothes (maybe 5 outfits?) – or just Krista again :)
64. Get 5 outfits custom tailored – that would be SWEET!
65. Use Peapod for grocery delivery (Once as a treat) – huh???

66. Buy myself flowers - done
67. Stay at a bed and breakfast – this would be great!
68. Go to Las Vegas – It’s on the list
69. Go to Austin Texas in the Spring(because Brian said it was wonderful and I said I would at some point. Since this conversation took place over 4 years ago - think it's about time I followed through) - no offense to Austinites but I’d prefer Paris in the Spring
70. {Need To Come Up With Something - What was originally here was a duplicate with 82}

71. Shop at the Mall of America – Oh Melissa…
72. Make list of 25 places must visit in CT and do them all – Change CT to BC and see my “Backyard and Daytrips” 7x7 album :)
73. Stay overnight in NYC – for at least a week…with Meredith
74. Go to Boston – Boston in the fall :)
75. Stay overnight at the Casino – in Vegas?

76. Visit the San Diego Zoo – definitely on the list
77. See a live horse race – yes, I want to bet on a horse too
78. Perform in dance recital or contest – hmmm…might have to look at this one
79. Watch a sunrise – done, but I need to do it again
80. Watch a Sunset – all the time. Pollution is nasty but it makes pretty colours :)

81. Attend a Bonfire – wonderful wonderful memories!
82. Take a trip by train (aka Travel somewhere on Amtrak) – potentially to California?
83. Take a trip by bus – Done, not to eager to repeat this :P
84. Go to Midnight Mass – that would be cool, Christmas Eve might be a fun time
85. Attend Sunrise Easter Service – Sure, why not

86. Give Blood – every 56 days! 27 pints and counting
87. Volunteer XX hours or events - I’m not sure what my total hours are but I do volunteer. Currently I’m serving on a Task Force Committee

88. Tithe to charities of my choice for a year – done, but I need to be more consistent :(
89. Collect and then bring to bank’s free Coinstar machine $1000 in change – cool, I’ve had over $60 before…
90. Participate (not as a volunteer) in a 5K – yep, four times :)

91. Go a week without using a computer – I’ve done it. Gone without SS that long too!
92. Get Married – LOL, yep, on the list!
93. Participate in a team sport for a season – hmmm…which sport should I pick?
94. Send myself a postcard home whenever I leave town. Make them into a nice scrapbook at the end of this – I send them to my littlest brother. I’ll get him a scrapbook one of these days
95. Really try to loose weight/get in better shape – yeah…

96. Tell a boy I love him – related to #92
97. Walk through a corm maize – done, it is FUN!
98. Buy GPS system for car. If portable, use to go geocaching – hmmm, now that would be cool!
99. Visit Grand Canyon – LOL, yeah, not just scrapbook Mere’s trip
100. Visit Niagara Falls – done, in 2000
101. Attend Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – As part of #73?

I'll post my own list (and layout) when I get it done.



Emmy said...

We have a planetarium here ... put it on the list for when you come here!
I can teach you to drive a stick shift, I taught 2 other friends :D

agent713 said...

We have a planetarium here too (a very good one for that matter) I've just never gone!!! I'll take you up on that stick shift thing. That'll be a good test of our friendship LOL

Suzanne said...

Glad you liked the list. I came across the idea last year and love doing it.

#53 - yes Shuffle cards. I can play well, but even after many attempts by friends to teach me - can't seem to get the process down.

#55 Pinochle is a card game. My grandmother used to play. Really only thing I know about it is the decks are different (pinochle cards are either all face cards or have no face cards - can't remember which.) The difference in cards is how I knew she played. (On holidays the kids would get banished to play off in another room and told we could use her cards if we wanted - but to make sure we took a "real" deck)

#65 Peapod is a grocery service from the grocery store. You make your order up online and they deliver it to your door (for a hefty fee of course). I hate grocery shopping - so this has some appeal to me.

I do have 2 additional before I die list on my journal. These came about when I was deciding what was was going on the 101 list. Go to categories on my sidebar, and click 101 in 1001 days. Scroll all the way down and you should see them (there's also my first draft of the 101 list with things that didn't end up on my "official" list.)

Best of luck and I hope you have as much fun with this as I am.


Mel said...

Well I copied your idea Heidi and figured out how many I have done... it looks like about half of those!! And I will take you to the Mall of America sometime!!


Wendy said...

I'm going to try this. Hope you don't mind me copying your list and adding it :D