Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday Morning

There are a few standard ways in which I pass my Saturday mornings.

1. Laying around in my pj's reading the paper, drinking coffee and catching up with my family
2. (If I'm house sitting) Laying in bed until 10 o'clock when American Country Countdown starts and then getting up, getting dressed, making breakfast and scrapbooking for the next four hours.
3. My favourite, if it's a sunny day, running errands.

Due to the fact that I was at a special "Trifle Night" for square dance last night and didn't get home until almost eleven, I spent the night at home instead of going out to house sit. This morning I got up, had a quick breakfast and headed out. My stops?

- the bank to *finally* close my CM business account
- Staples to buy card sized envelopes
- Michaels to purchase an exacto knife
- the used book store, just to see what they had available
- the library to pick up the book I had requested
- the gas station for "petrol" ;) and a phone card

It gives me a feeling of accomplishment to tick all those things off my "to do list". Now it's 12:30 and I've got the rest of the day to do whatever I want!

I love Saturdays :)



Meredith said...

Hi My Dear Friend!
I miss you so much I could cry! I love reading about your day and seeing that you used the word PETROL!!! Hahaha!! I wish so much that I could spend a day with you, preferrably one of those lazy Saturdays! Lets talk soon. If you email me your phone number where you house sit, I can call you there. Let me know a time that would work for you. I could call between 6 and 7 your time or later if that's better. I'm not sure what you're doing as it's Sunday night for you. Love you more than chocolate Cookie Dough Icecream!

Veronica in Aus said...

The "gas" station for "petrol" - you're too funny :)