Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blogging Block

You know I walk around all day thinking "oh, I should blog that" or "that would be a great topic" but when I sit down to actually WRITE? Nothing comes out. It's very frustrating. So, I'll just do what I'm good at, recapping my life (just in case you guys care).

Thursday I skipped dance. I think I posted that I was considering it. Well, I did it. It was nice. Wednesday had been an at home evening too and two in a row was great. I didn't do anything spectacular. Sorted some pictures, made some dinner watched tv (although I turned ER off about 20 minutes in because it was too intense) and surfed online.

Friday evening I invited Seth and I over to dinner at Mom and Dad's. We always have an open invitation and because I didn't feel like cooking, I felt it was a good time to take advantage of it :) After dinner Mom and I went over to friends of ours for a good old fashioned sing song. We had some old hymn books, my mom's cousin played the piano and we all just sat around and sang. Of course I wasn't really paying attention and singing properly so my throat is kind of sore today.

Today I finally unpacked from last weekend. I stopped by my LSS to catch up on what was new from CHA. I knew about most of it from being online so much but it was still neat to get it first hand from someone who was there and to flip through all the catalogues and see the free product she got. From there I stopped at the grocery store for some chicken broth and stuff. I like using chicken broth from a can but I don't like paying a dollar a can! During case lot sales they have them on for $6.99 for a dozen so I bought a flat.

From there I headed out to a home & leisure show where I joined my square dance club for a demonstration dance. The stage was a bit un-even and quite small (we had three squares show up so it was tight) but we made it through without any major mishaps. I also stopped at the LSS out there and got some cute "I love country music" paper and stickers.

Tonight I'm headed out to a bible study and tomorrow is Super Bowl!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


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