Monday, February 19, 2007

Weekend Re-cap

Saturday I puttered around the house. It was nice knowing that Seth was gone and not worrying about waking him up. I did dishes, ironed, washed the kitchen floor, and general house stuff. Mom and I did go to Costco. I got chicken and I got my cholestrol medication prescription filled. It was funny, they looked me up in the system and obviously they didn't have my current address, or my parents current address, or the house before that, or the one before that! The address was from the house we lived in while I was 12-16. Neither Mom nor I can even remember me HAVING a perscription back then!!! Anyways, I got that filled so now I'm back on the drugs.

Saturday afternoon was more puttering, cleaning and just generally a "down" day. I need those every once in awhile. If I don't get them, I get cranky.

Sunday after church I ran some errands and then went over to Jenna's for her sisters surprise party. We DEFINITELY surprised Katherine. She screamed. It was quite funny :D It was great hanging out with all of them too. Grant (Jenna's baby) is doing awesome. I have some pictures I'll try and post them when I remember to upload them. We hung out and visited and then broke up into groups for games. Will (Jenna's husband) Janik and I played a very tight game of Trival Pursuit: Pop Culture (DVD). I did loose but I put up a great fight :) Those two are fun to play with as well because they are full of useless information. Not only would we answer a question but we'd also give a full explanation as to WHY that was the correct answer. Very fun.

Today I'm back at work. I started with back to back conference calls at 7am. Wednesday I have a board meeting for my old job and Thursday and Friday I am out of the office for the quarterly board meeting for this job. So, if I'm not around much, forgive me!

Have a great week!


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