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Okay, I answer survey's like this ALL the time but I post them on myspace because you guys would get tired of them very quickly. Today's is part of the SS blog challenge though so I'll put it here and try and elaborate a bit. You'll note that a lot of them are "nevers"!

When is the first time you...

fell in love ?
I have never been "in love" with a member of the opposite sex. I've chosen not to date just because so therefore I haven't been in situations where I could fall in love. I've "liked" different guys over the years but I a few years back I gave up on that concept and decided to just focus on being me. It's working well so far even if I am still single.

lost someone close to you?
I think that would be my maternal grandmother. Even though we lived around 1200 kms apart from the time I was three, I was still very close to her. She had some health problems the year before (had a pace maker put in an stuff) but her death was a *huge* surprise. Two years later I lost my paternal grandmother. We got to say good bye to her but it was just as hard.

drank alcohol?
My church has always served real wine for communion so since I got baptized at 14, I've had a sip once a month. It's nasty strong red wine though. My first mixed drink was at Jenna's wedding. LOTS of fruit juice. Very dangerous ;)

got kissed?
If you can believe this, never. Never ever been full on the mouth, kissed by a member of the opposite sex. Crazy huh?

went to the hospital?
I've never been checked into the hospital myself. I've visited many, many people there. Welcomed babies, said good bye to Grandma, taken Meredith and been there when Seth, Robert and Dad were checked in after our accident in 1997. Never been checked in myself.

got your heart broken?
In a romantic way? Never. I've allowed drama in my life but it's not "heart break" I be there are other events that would qualify as "heart break" but right now I can't remember them.

lost a pet?
Nibbles. Our first hamster. He died at the hands of the next door neighbour. The kid didn't realize that you have to be gentle with small animals, held her too tightly and squished her. She died a few hours later.

:snort: did anyone catch that Nibbles changed gender? I don't remember if it was a girl or a boy!

smoked a cigarette?
Never have.

broke a bone?
Never have, not from lack of trying though!!!

got a job?
I baby sat *a LOT* as a teen. "Baby Sitters Club" anyone? I wanted to BE those girls!!! I even kept a log book (which I still have) My first official-I-got-paid-for-it was the year we went to Big White. I stayed with a baby for a few hours and got paid $5. The following summer I went with my pastor's daughter and her husband on a weekend trip to Penticton. I stayed with their daughter while they were in seminars. The funny thing is I only remember snatches of that weekend. Mostly in the car, not babysitting at all!

got cheated on?
If you don't go out with someone, you can't get cheated on. And if you like someone but they don't know it, it doesn't count!!!

rode the city bus?
It wasn't memorable whenever it was. I remember riding in a taxi for the first time. I havne't got a clue where we were going but I remember being SO excited and watching every single number flip on that little box :)

went to a concert?
Oh come on. Anyone? Tell me you know this!!! LOL

Met someone famous?
Define "famous". Meeting the Doc Walker boys was pretty cool, meeting Dierks, well, you know ALL about that ;) There are other local "celbrities" that are "famous" to me and meeting them was cool but only because I know who they are. There are my online friends who are rather 'infamous' but meeting them has been a blast too.

dyed your hair?
Never have. I have WAY too much hair and I'm afraid of wrecking the natural highlights (at least that's what I tell people :))

got your own cell phone?
My first cell phone was Seth's old "pay and talk" phone. He had it, then his ex-girlfriend used it and when she got a "real phone" I got it. In August, after moving out, I got a "real phone" with a contract and Aaron got the pay and talk. It still works well.

snuck out the house?
Okay, either I've blocked out the memories or this never happened. I honestly don't remember EVER sneaking out of the house!

drove a car?
I got my learners license two weeks before my 17th birthday. The only reason I got it then was because the rules were changing and they were phasing in graduated licensing on my birthday. By getting my license when I did, I didn't have to display an "L". The first time I drove was probably with Dad in the van. Starting in the Rotary Stadium parking lot and then moving onto the road.

got your own digital camera?
April 2005. Figured out it had digital zoom? June 2006. LOL

how old are you now?
I am 25.5 Lots of life left in which to change these "nevers" to cool stories.


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